Written in the Stars - Zodiac Wines

Brand spanking new product alert! Introducing our Zodiac, written in the stars wines! These bad boys make the perfect gift for any wild child. 

Wondering what wild & witchy words are on each star sign wine? Just keep reading darl... 



The Capricorn babe is honest AF, super dedicated and her perseverance always leads her straight to her goals. Her energy is wilful, she knows what she deserves and will not settle for anything less. She is, after all, the powerhouse of the Zodiac. Ruled by Saturn, she is full of purpose and her passion always outshines her fear. She is fierce, strong and a true badass that can handle anything life throws at her. 



The Leo babe is the queen of courage and leads with her heart. She is a one-in-a-million, brave and vivacious woman. She lights up any room with her zest for life. She is the fiercest and loudest of the Zodiac, always living passionately and fearlessly. Ruled by the Sun, she radiates warmth, confidence and infinite opportunity. Unshakeably determined, this babe knows what she wants and goes for it, stopping at nothing to achieve her goals.



The Scorpio woman is intense, alluring, exotic and powerful. With a wild heart and a taste for danger, she is the femme fatale of the Zodiac. This gal can see right through the BS. She has a huge heart, but beware of her sting. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, she is fiery, deeply instinctive and experiences and expresses emotions to the fullest. Resilience comes naturally to her and she knows exactly how to take care of herself. 



The Cancer gal is the nurturer of the Zodiac and approaches the world with emotional depth and empathy like no other. She is sensitive and proud of it. Ruled by the Moon, she is the queen of gentle compassion, meaningful connection and serenity. For her, the divine feminine runs deep. She is strong-willed, insanely intuitive and listens to her own voice. With her tough outer shell, she is a loyal and persistent protector. 



The Taurus woman is born to love, wildly. She is genuine AF and means what she says. An earthly presence, soft but strong, she's the calm after the storm, bringing sensuality to the Zodiac. Infusing her sense of purpose in everything she does, she is persistent, practical and also a total badass. Ruled by Venus, the dynamic Taurus is emotionally resilient, appreciative of natural beauty and has a deep love for those close to her.



The Pisces woman is a magical, other-wordly mer-babe. She has a deeply wise soul, a kind heart and is full of empathy - but don’t mistake her kindness for weakness! She is the ultimate BFF because her intuition is always on point.  Ruled by Neptune, this mysterious gal is the dreamer of the Zodiac and her imagination is boundless. The world needs more Pisces babes teaching us how to be kinder and more compassionate with each other, and ourselves. 



The Libra gal embodies fairness, harmony and justice for all. She’s got killer charisma and her uniquely captivating vibe will draw you in. Ruled by Venus, she has a deep appreciation for romance, love and beauty. She brings perfect balance to the Zodiac. But don’t be fooled, she will stand tall and fight for what she believes in with immeasurable courage, pure strength and sophistication, making her truly unforgettable. 



The Gemini babe is wonderfully chaotic and enchanting. She is quick-witted, outgoing and a total live wire. Ruled by Mercury, she is a master of words, highly imaginative, intellectual and creative. Thinking comes easier than feeling to this wildly wise air sign. She brings the magic to the Zodiac. A curious mind and mysterious personality with unmatched duality, her heart wants foundation, while her mind wants freedom. 



The Aries queen burns brightly, she is fire. A self-assured boss babe who always takes charge. Independent, highly motivated and always seeks a good challenge. She brings the heat to the Zodiac and ignites every party with her free spirit. Ruled by Mars, she brings a bold new perspective to any situation. She is fearless, passionate and loves to take action. As a fiercely loyal leader, it’s all or nothing with this wild woman.



The Sagittarius babe is a highly motivated and adventurous risk-taker. As the optimist of the Zodiac, she’s a glass half full kinda gal who can push through the most adverse situations. Ruled by Jupiter, she believes in the power of the mind. As a passionate but clear thinker, she knows no plan is ever too big or dream too far fetched. She is free spirited, wildly romantic and will not only climb the mountains, but move them too. 


The Virgo gal is down to earth and dedicated to her family and friends. Resourceful and hardworking, she is the backbone and healer of the Zodiac. She is undeniably sensible, relying on her experiences and basing her thoughts on reality. Ruled by Mercury, she is practical, gentle and happiest when surrounded by nature. She emanates a commitment to kindness and teaches us to help each other and ourselves.



The Aquarius gal dances to her own beat, she is the rebel of the Zodiac and a true visionary. This wild woman is strong willed with a free and imaginative spirit. She has a taste for adventure and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Ruled by the Sun, she is an independent thinker with a warm heart. This OG girl boss is a passionate advocate for her own ideas and will not compromise her ideals, morals or freedom, for anyone!